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Pill making and selecting equipment

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Automatic Big Honey Pill Machine

发表时间: 2017-06-08 Author: gmpshebei Published: 2017-06-08

Automatic Big Honey Pill Machine

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Product introduction:

   汇集各种全自动中药制丸机优点于一机,全自动中药制丸机具有丸形圆、量准、崩解快、出条光滑、无棚料、传动平稳、操作容易、故障率极低等优点,其中速控全自动制丸机的搓丸刀速可根据出条量快慢自动调速,真正实现了制丸的自动化控制,是制丸机史上的一次质的飞越。 The full-automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine combines the advantages of various automatic Chinese medicine pill making machines into one machine. The full-automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine has a round shape, accurate measurement, fast disintegration, smooth delivery, no shed, stable transmission, and operation. Easy, low failure rate and other advantages. Among them, the speed of the kneading knife of the speed-controlled automatic pill making machine can be automatically adjusted according to the speed of the delivery amount, which truly realizes the automatic control of the pill making. Fly over. 能制作蜜丸、水丸、水蜜丸、浓缩丸、糊丸、腊丸等等, 全自动制丸机符 GMP标准 ,全自动制丸机 是制药厂、保健食品厂和医院制剂室 诊所、药店理想的制丸机械。 The automatic pill making machine can make honey pills, water pills, water pill, concentrated pills, paste pills, wax pills, etc. The automatic pill making machine conforms to the GMP standard . The automatic pill making machine is a pharmaceutical factory, health food factory and hospital preparation. The ideal pill making machine for laboratories , clinics, and pharmacies.

Structural features:

1. This machine is composed of two parts: sliver and pill making. It has box structure and horizontal sliver, simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

2. The worm gear reducer is used for delivery, and the transmission is stable and reliable.

3. The pill-making and pill-cutting mechanism of the pill-making part is installed in a gearbox, and the parts are in good lubrication conditions. The pill-cutting speed can be adjusted by the knob of the stepless speed changer, so that the hob can obtain a speed of 6-30 rpm Until the speed of pellet cutting matches the speed of delivery.

4. The feeding port is large, and the pressing plate can flip the pressing material, which is convenient for filling and can eliminate the phenomenon of shed material. The hopper is divided into two upper and lower sides by the axis of the flap, which is convenient for disassembly when cleaning.

5. Electric heating tube adopts electric heating tube, which is safe and reliable, and the delivery is smooth.

6. Use alcohol to drip the medicine strip, and a brush is installed on the outside of the pill knife to prevent the sticking of the knife. The alcohol is packed in the square box of the delivery mechanism, and the amount of alcohol is adjusted by the ball valve.

: Technical participation :

WK- 240 Model : WK- 240

(mm) 8-24 Specifications (mm) : 8-24

1 Delivery (root) : 1

(kg/h) 30-90 Output (kg / h) : 30-90

(V) 380 Voltage (V) : 380

(W) 2350 Total power (W) : 2350

(W) :1500 Delivery power (W) : 1500

(W) 550 Pill making power (W) : 550

(cm) 128x72x92 Overall dimensions (cm) : 128x72x92

(kg) 650 Weight (kg) : 650

1. This machine is suitable for rooms with a temperature environment of -5 ° C to + 40 ° C, relative humidity of less than 90%, grid voltage amplitude fluctuations <10% of rated value, and no conductive dust and corrosive metal gas around it. Installed in a sunny and clean factory building, you can lay down without feet. Be sure to ground the wire for safety.

开机前必须检查变速箱的油位是否达到标准位置,检查料斗上的油杯是否加满食用油,检查制丸刀是否对正、拧紧,酒精系统是否通畅,并调整适量,用酒精将导轮、导向架、制丸刀等作消毒处理,打开电加热。 2. Before starting, you must check whether the oil level of the gearbox reaches the standard position, check whether the oil cup on the hopper is filled with edible oil, check whether the pill knife is aligned and tightened, whether the alcohol system is smooth, and adjust the appropriate amount. The guide wheel, guide frame, pill making knife, etc. are sterilized, and the electric heating is turned on.

出条部分空运转 3-5分钟,无异常即可投料,推出料条,返回料斗一部分,等料条合格后再开制丸部分,运行中加料应匀称,如发现出条与制丸不同步时可通过旋钮调节,顺时针制丸快,逆时针制丸慢,丸径大小可以通过更换不同的出条口和丸刀及导轮来达到。 3. The running part is idle for 3-5 minutes, and the material can be fed without any abnormality. Push out the bar and return to part of the hopper. After the bar is qualified, open the pelleting part. The feeding during running should be symmetrical. When not synchronized, it can be adjusted by the knob. Pill making clockwise is faster and pill making counterclockwise is slower. The size of the pill diameter can be achieved by changing different outlets, pill knives and guide wheels.

投料时不得将异物投入料斗,不要将手伸入料斗上平面内以免压板将手压伤。 4. Don't put foreign objects into the hopper when feeding, don't put your hand into the upper plane of the hopper, so as not to be injured by the pressure plate. Always check all parts for abnormalities, and stop the machine immediately if any abnormality is found.

使用完毕后,断电关闭总开关和其他开关。 5. After use, turn off the main switch and other switches after power off. When cleaning, first remove the outlet, the electric heating jacket, and when unloading the head, you can use the configuration to handle (dedicated), and then pull out the bracket and the propeller. Disassemble the upper part of the hopper and clean the two flap shafts, apply edible oil after cleaning, and then use edible alcohol to degrease and disinfect various pieces.

减速器内的机油应保持在油标以上,正常工作二至五个月后应放掉费油,跟换新机油,料斗上的油杯每班加食用油三次,其他开式齿轮链轮点加适量机油。 6. The oil in the reducer should be kept above the oil level. After two to five months of normal work, the oil should be drained and replaced with new oil. The oil cup on the hopper is added with cooking oil three times per shift. Other open gear chains Add an appropriate amount of oil to the wheel.

Tool and accessories removal and installation:

制丸刀用专用退刀螺母与刀拧紧后,再拧退刀螺母的顶丝即可退下制丸刀。 1. After the special ejection nut and the knife are tightened for the pill making knife, the top wire of the ejection nut can be twisted to return the pill making knife.

弹簧拆卸方法与装向,卸掉制丸刀,用扳子卡住刀轴,在前面看右侧到轴上的联结螺纹右旋,左侧则为左旋螺纹。 2. Spring disassembly method and installation direction, remove the pill making knife, and use a wrench to hold the knife shaft. When viewed from the front, the right side of the connecting thread on the shaft is turned right, and the left side is left turned. After removing the bolt on the flange seat of the knife shaft, unscrew the knife shaft, and then hold the knife shaft to pull forward. The flange seat, gear body knife shaft and spring can be drawn once to remove the flange seat, gear body side Replaceable springs (left-hand spring on the left and right-hand spring on the right).

导向键拆卸方法与装向卸掉法兰座后,压紧弹簧将齿轮体向前抽动 10mm距离,取出导向键,切不可与齿轮体一起退出避免导向键卡在刀轴方槽的退刀槽内。 3. Disassembly method and direction of the guide key After removing the flange seat, press the spring to pull the gear body forward by a distance of 10mm, and take out the guide key. Do not exit with the gear body to avoid the guide key getting stuck in the square groove of the knife shaft. Inside the sipe.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods:

Common malfunctions

Production reason

Repair method

1. The motor does not rotate after power on

1. Poor contact of the power cord or loose power plug. 2. Poor switch contact.

1. Repair the power supply or replace the plug with the same specifications 2. Repair or replace the switch with the same specifications

2.Suddenly the motor stops rotating during work

Capacitor short circuit

Maintenance by professionals

3. Heater failure

1. The plug is loose or the power cord is disconnected 2. The heater heating wire is blown

1. Replace the standard plug or repair the power outlet 2. Repair by professionals

4.Pill shape is not round

1. The pill knife is not aligned 2. The thickness of the drug strip is uneven

1. Align the pill knife 2. Replace the outlet

5. Incorrect dosage

Uneven thickness

Replace the spout

6, stick knife

1. Little alcohol or no spray 2. Partial burr on the pill making knife

1. Add alcohol 2. Remove burrs



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